Floating Stairs for Modern and Stylish Indoor Design

Floating stairs are, perhaps, the most innovative solution for your indoor design. A floating staircase design means that there are no visible supports between treads. As a rule, the steps of the floating stairs are fixed to the solid wall of your building one end.  Frequently the visible end of the treads is attached to a handrail or glass balustrading, which helps to distribute the weight of the footsteps. As a result, such indoor staircases give the illusion of floating stairs. It looks breathtaking, creating a real wow-factor. That’s why floating stairs are becoming more and more popular nowadays.


Custom Floating Staircase Design Solutions from Knight Specialties

Floating stairs is Knight's specialty. For years we are improving our self-supporting stairs to make them look lighter and more floating. With an open plan floating staircase design, you can let the light flood through the rooms or into the basement, and at the same time, it is an eye-catcher. Your visitors will be amazed when they enter the house and stand in front of a stunning staircase with levitating floating wood steps, treads in glass, concrete or even acrylic, just supported by a thin looking glass or not at all.


Actually, we can style floating stairs in a variety of ways. With Knight Specialties, you are sure to get an original floating staircase design you are dreaming of. Though floating stairs are more commonly fitted in new buildings during the construction, it’s entirely possible to retrofit the floating staircase design that already exists. So, whether you need a floating staircase design solution for your new house or want to modify the existent floating staircase design, we are here to serve you.


Floating Stairs for Residential and Commercial Projects

A floating stairs construction can be used both for commercial and residential projects. So, whether you want floating stairs to become the focal point of your home or office, we’ll suggest you the most appropriate floating staircase design. Though it’s not possible to build real floating indoor staircases and your floating treads just need to have hidden attachments, we’ll make these attachments highly invisible. Our experience, attention to detail, and precise planning will help us to create the most realistic illusion right for your project. It means that with Knight Specialties, your indoor staircases will look like they are really floating.


With glass, we can also easily create floating elements within the floating staircase design. If you browse through our projects, you will see a floating mirror, a floating wood frame, or other sculptural objects with leather cladding. In a word, among our models, you can find many images of floating stairs for sale with a variety of options.


Do you have any questions concerning floating stairs? Just click on the request a call back button, make use of the online chat, get a quote, or contact us via email. We’ll be pleased to give you an exhaustive free consultation.


Do you think that a floating staircase design is too innovative for you and give preference to more traditional solutions? Don’t hesitate to learn more about the custom straight stairs and spiral stairs we offer.