Knight Specialties Inc.

At Knight Specialties, we specialize in providing all-inclusive custom stair, glass and direct hardwood mouldings works of any caliber. With decades of combined experience and a diverse range of product and services we are always able to bring our clients’ visions to life with confidence and integrity.


Knight Specialties Inc. was established in 2017.  The reputation of the company and the confident smiles on our customers’ faces would speak for our quality of services itself.


 We strive to provide the best product and service and have committed ourselves to the growth and success of our local communities.  So, whatever your desire or plan regarding your staircase or glass work, just discuss them with us and we would be more than happy to make your imagination come alive in the blink of an eye.


Benefits With Knight Specialties

Our Clients admire us for our dedication, service and professionalism.  we have a diversified range of beautiful custom stairs, railings and glass work solutions.  Holding over 35+ years of experience, we are glad to have this much success and love, and this is what fuels our need to work.

  • Qualified team of professionals
  • Unmatchable Stair & Glass designing ideas
  • Prompt installation of material
  • Superior quality, custom designs and textures
  • Diversified range of staircase design
  • Attractive Design
  • Glass Installation
  • Staircase Installation


For all the home builders, owners, investors, architects, and corporations we have a diversified range of beautiful staircase and glass work solutions. We modernize the interior and create the look with architecturally appealing glass walls and stairs. Whether your look is modern, contemporary, or classic we can creative your vision.